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The Winter Waterberg Weekend - June 2010
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By Alpha Greeff
We left the Hennops River Valley at 10h45 on Friday morning the 4th of June, destination Wynand’s Waterberg Winter 2010 ride, 4 – 6 June 2010. Unfortunately we had to wait for Emma to write an exam, thus travelling a different route to our mutual destination in the Waterberg. That’s where the unfortunate part ends, as we chose to go the road less travelled. From Hennops we travelled along the R511, trundling over the Magaliesberg to Brits. At Assen we turned off the tar road and hit the dirt – in a manner of speaking. Had a quick pit stop at Leeupoort and then on to the tar again for 23kms. After that we turned onto the dirt again just after Grootfontein, heading towards the Waterberg in the distance.  What blissful riding. We passed De Wildt Shingwedzi’s Cheetah Sanctuary, went past turn offs to Thabazimbi, Alma, Loubad (as opposed to Warmbad!) – and all the time the Urals just ate the miles happily. They really are a pleasure to drive on dirt roads and no matter how much you load them, they go. In fact, it turned out when discussing this with the other riders that they also felt that the Urals definitely handled the dirt roads better with a bigger load – they seemed more stable as well as having better traction.

We stopped along the road for our padkos – boerewors and boiled eggs. It really was refreshing to find roads so close to home where we did not see a soul, let alone another vehicle for loooong stretches of time.  We made very good time and instead of arriving after everyone else, we were actually the first to arrive at Camp Lekker Rus!! Lochie and Willem made us feel very welcome and showed us to the camping site. Green lawns, tall trees and 2 tame eland calves greeted us.  It wasn’t long before we heard the familiar rumble of a few Urals and other sidecars in the distance. How fabulous to see sidecars friends from far and wide. Giel and Linda all the way from Palaborwa, Marius and Maureen and Bets from Tzaneen, Kobus and Tes from Rustenburg. Oom Ken all the way from Bryanston nogal, the Pastors from Gerrardsville, The Greeffies from Hennops, Wynand en Hanneli from Randburg. Friday night we had real Kermis Kerrie en Rys, thanks to Hanneli and everyone celebrated seeing each other again much better. In fact we did so well that no one slept cold on Friday night, and it did get quite chilly! 

Saturday morning dawned crisp end beautiful. Chilly to start but once the sun had opened its eyes properly it was perfect riding weather. Not too cold not too hot, just right. Thank goodness Goldilocks wasn’t there cos she would have eaten the day!!!!  Wynand was leading the ride and after a very civilised bacon and egg breakfast, we were off on the sidecars. Although we did not have lunch at Entabeni as per the original plan, we got a beautiful view of Hanglip and had cold drink at Antjeshoop Beer Hall. Lunch was had at Kwaggashoek – boerewors rolls, yeah! Everybody had a wonderful time Good roads with just enough sand to keep the heart pumping.  Before we knew we were back at camp – many enthusiastic riders queing for the shower. Once the dust was off the bodies we could concentrate on getting the dust out our throats and getting some suitable refreshment down our parched and dry throats!!  Supper was a fantastic affair with fillet and fried beans and other green stuff and Potato salad – this made everybody real happy!  In the morning it really was hard to believe that it was all over and that we were all packing for home. I do hope the Waterberg Winter camping trip becomes an annual event!

Giel & Linda


Marius & Maureen

Kobus & Tes

Wynand & Hanneli

Jacquie & Noel

Alpha, Klara & Jenna

Ryno & Emma


Many many thanks to Wynand for organizing and putting all of this together for all of us to enjoy and a huge thank you to Hanneli for feeding us so well. To Willem for all his running around and looking after us, a big thank you and to Gerhard, Toinette a warm thank you for the fabulous hospitality.