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Plumari Private Game Reserve - 8 August 2010

The Sidecar Africa sign where we all gather for RideAlongsOn Sunday morning the usual suspects, Ryno with Humfree and Alpha with Lola, Jacquie and Jenna in Katarina and Noel on his 2 wheeler, Ken Dalglish on his BMW, Richard with Paisley, Grant without Aidan ( who had to study), Erhard and Rosie riding sweep in the car, Ray Eckstein and Marcelle and their 2 wheeler friend, Greg Gibb, set off to Plumari for our monthly RideAlong. We also had 2 special monkeys join us – our very own Zeta and her husband Arno.

Once we had gotten ourselves gloved up and kitted out we set off to Plumari Private Game Reserve at 8h30. The brave at heart would then set off to Breedts Nek again and the rest of us well wherever the wind takes us!  We had a lovely ride out – the sun on our backs and all those wonderful things. Everybody smiling at the stops. Really enjoyed the fresh air and there was little traffic, which also added to the enjoyment.

The road leading in to Plumari is a real delight, and then once inside the gates it was fun riding up to the restaurant. This is a tarred winding road and you can look out for some game – as the speed limit is 40km/h it makes riding and looking easy – even for those of us who aren’t into multi tasking!

The food was absolutely excellent with a view to match. From the photos it’s clear how hard these RideAlongs can be! Having coffee and fabulous food in good company can be very taxing.

We love parking our sidecars and taking pictures!!
Jacquie, Richard, Ken and Grant working real hard! These RideAlongs are not for the faint of heart

Surprise surprise - when we got back to the sidecars, we found Lola with a front puncture – flat flat flat! Worst of all is that Erhard pointed it out to me at the Broederstroom Service Station and after looking at it, we both thought it shouldn’t be a problem. Thank goodness because Ry got to show all very interested onlookers how to change a Ural front tyre and fix the problem. Yeah and thanks to Ry!!

Oh Oh – Can u believe!! There’s a first time for everything
Voila – she’s as goods as new, ready to go!
It takes a pair of strong hands – and a spare inner

It wasn’t too long before I was ready to roll (don’t know about the rocking, but definitely rolling) and we turned homeward. By now it was too late for any plans to ride Breedt’s Nek so we all set of on our different journeys home. We formed part of an all girl group with Jacquie and Jenna joining me and Zeta round the dam via some shops.  We had forgotten that it was a long weekend and the road going through the tunnel turned out to be the least clever turn we made all day. Anyway, cannot win them all and we had fun looking at the other people!

Looking forward to the second Sunday of next month when the sidecars ride again!!