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No Rules Gauteng
1000 & 500km & 100mile Sidecar Run

Every year the “No Rules” motorcycle club has a 100 mile sidecar run from their clubhouse in Brits to Sun City and back. So it was that we set off at 5 in the morning to the clubhouse as the run officially starts at 6 am. Upon arrival we attended the riders briefing and our rigs were scrutinised by the officials with torches in hand as it was not properly light yet.

There were 7 rigs in all and it was great to see our friends who had come all the way from Tzaneen to attend the event. Kobus and his monkey, from Rustenburg, had decided to do the 500km run to Badplaas and back with the monkey changing petrol whilst riding! This in itself was no problem but after we saw the contents of the top box (lots of ice involved) we couldn’t help wondering how they were going to reach into the top box whilst driving?

We set off just after 6 am and headed for Sun City. There is no better feeling than riding your rig early morning with the sun rising on your back with the fresh air and wind blowing through your hair. The road to Sun City is a nice unchallenging run for our rigs which we welcomed after the extreme riding at Sani Pass the previous weekend. Soon after starting one of the rigs had a plug come undone and this took about 30 minutes to find but he was soon on the way again.

All of us enjoyed the sandwiches that were supplied as “padkos” by Frikkie and Niva from No Rules.

Upon arriving at Sun City, some of the group enjoyed the Valley of the waves and others enjoyed a lazy lunch next to the pool at one of the Hotels.

We headed back in the early afternoon and arrived back at the clubhouse safely. Kobus and his monkey had completed their run to Badplaas as well and had returned by 13H10 and then it was then that Kobus decided to wreck the back tire of his Ural rig by doing a burnout right at the front door of the clubhouse!

We would like to thank the No Rules club for organising this great yearly event and we will definitely be back again next year. We would also like to extend an invitation to Frikkie to get that Ural Cammo Gear up that this heart is telling him to buy and join us on the sidecar run next year...