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Ride Along - Hornbill Lodge - 11 July 2010

On Sunday morning, 11 July 2010, we got together at the Blue Shop as per usual on the second Sunday of the month for our monthly RideAlong. A beautiful Highveld winter’s morning. Rosie and Erhard rode sweep for us in their car and what a joy to have a vehicle familiar with sidears riding behind us.

The group setting off consisted of Ryno, Alpha and Jacquie with monkeys Emma, Klara and Jenna respectively, Richard with no monkey, Ray Eckstein and his sister Marcelle riding monkey (first time on a RideAlong with Verushka), Wynand and Neef Johan and Oom Ken Dalglish, riding solo as usual. Along the way we collected team Lourens with Jannie and Tracy waiting for us along the road.

When one comes around a corner the one thing you don’t expect to see filling the road is a hot air balloon! Well there it was, huge and colourful and right across the road! Very very exciting!

Arriving at Hornbill Lodge, our breakfast stop, it was a real treat to see Kobus and Tess all the way from Koster who joined us for breakfast.

After breakfast we left to cross the Magaliesberg over the little pass at Maanhaarrand, called Breedt’s Neck. This tested the sidecars and riders a little and got the adrenalin pumping as well. What fun and before we knew it the day was gone and we had to wave our sidecar friends good bye. How is it possible for a day to pass that fast? Must be true that thing about time flying when you’re having fun!

We totalled 9 sidecars – biggest group Riding Along yet!