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Karoo 2017
We ride up up up and down down down and on and on and on. The road on the Patensie side of the Baviaans up to the sheep cable car is in excellent condition. It is a beautiful morning and the views are magnificent.

We take a look at the contraption one very inventive farmer built to take his sheep across from one mountain to the other. What an incredible way to be shepherded to greener pastures.

After this sightseeing diversion we gear up for a mammoth downhill ride into the Western side of the Baviaanskloof. The long exposed incline has been cemented into 2 continuous tracks. I was eternally grateful for the company of my monkey and we had a splendid ride.

The water in Smitskraal was not as high as it has been during previous crossings but it still turned out to be lots of fun riding through. And I rewarded my monkey by getting her properly wet – sorry Nerine!! Not even going through Smitskraal – sommer in some little stream crossing that turned out to be somewhat deeper than it looked.

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Karoo 2016

"Only twice before have I ridden in rain blown horizontally into my face to such an extent that I almost choke. Well between almost choking and keeping my head at such an angle that I can open my eyes just enough to see and trying to feel my burning fingers and worrying about the traffic from the top we reach the top.

I am euphoric, elated about reaching the top. We get off briefly to congratulate ourselves and each other and it is at this point that I laugh in my helmet as my little sister Zeta and one or two other riders do not have the faintest idea where they have just ridden"

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Karoo 2015

"The previous evening we had discussed it and the decision was made to ride the Biedouw Valley and then follow the Postal or Transport Route as per Hein’s suggestion. It was a beautiful ride and once we made the decision to stop waiting for our back up and push on, everybody had a fantastic time. We devised a better way of indicating what gates were to be closed or left open and rode on and on until we got to a little river of boulders. When I arrived at the river of boulders, where there is a pont for when there is water in the river, I saw Ryno on the other side and without thinking Narki and I climbed into the stream of sand and rode to the other side taking it nice and easy like just a Ural can in the deep sand. It is a sand track the width of a car like a bridge through the boulders."

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Waaidam Camping Dec 2014
"The gradient is very steep and one is turning and riding left and suddenly you have to climb onto the concreted section (if you are riding a sidecar it gets technical executing a left turn on a gradient not keeping the power on). As I have a dirty air filter and we had to power down to get onto the concrete we lose enough momentum for us not to be able to get back into the power band and we come to a standstill. Lucky my child super monkey was already getting out to start pushing as well as my old trusted friend Chris from team Boesman coming down to help and together the whole lot of us make it to the top.

Some riders behind me were not so lucky –  the long and the short is that one of the riders ends up riding her sidecar into the mountain to avoid falling over the edge.  Further behind in the field another rider encountered some difficulty and hurt his foot quite badly in the process.
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Sidecar Convention 2015

The Lodge is situated 3 kms into the property and we ride along very beautiful scenery. I’m still nervous because not everyone loves sidecars as much as we do. Finally we stop outside the Lodge and a young man comes out and introduces himself as Shaun and asks if we are part of the group checking in? No we say, but could he tell us where the First National Tree is?

He looked at us like we came from another planet. Maybe if we had arrived by car it would not have sounded so strange, but having arrived by sidecar and now asking to be taken to the First National Tree must have been a little like asking to be taken to his Leader? He has never heard of it or anything like it and has absolutely no idea what we are talking about.  So that’s the third blank – nada, nothing! I can now say that I know what nothing looks like – it’s a helluva nice road in a very beautiful place ending at a very impressive lodge. Oh and we got to ride the Zebrasnekspas!
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Swaziland Ramble
"So everyone grabs a coffee or a hot chocolate at the Ermelo Mugg & Bean and we all dig out the woolies. We add another little layer and off we scoot to Amsterdam and then the border post. At this stage my teeth are chattering from the cold so when we get to stop and warm up a little in Amsterdam, filling up with fuel and meeting up with the Nelspruit contingent, I am very grateful. If I thought it was going to warm up a little I had it wrong. Nerston was still nice and cold but then things took a wet and muddy turn.

Heeha now we get to drive to Malkerns in rain on a  muddy red dirt road where there are some big road works being done – it was interesting to say the least. Had a lot of fun though with the Urals in the mud – they are invincible. These sidecars never fail to impress under challenging conditions.

It was late afternoon when we arrived at the Willow Lodge near Malkerns. After the check in and put stuff down routine, we spruce up and set off for supper at Malandelas.
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Karoo Trip 2014
"I can go on and on about this day but I wont because days like these, where an inner landscape is shifted can be excruciatingly boring for others to read/listen to. But I do know now that if it can physically be ridden with a Ural sidecar my monkey and I can ride it now. We proved this not once, not twice, we did it over and over for an entire day. Suffice to say that the team that started out that morning did not remotely resemble the team that rode into Chris Lamprechts  back yard late that afternoon. Although this day will live on for those who rode it forever, it also took its toll. The toll would be exacted in all kinds of ways manifesting itself in various different shapes over the next few days. As I was saying, it was sunset when the back-up vehicle finally rode into Rus en Vrede, Chris Lamprechts farm. We were supposed to still ride on to Patensie where we were due to stay in The Ripple Inn. This wasnt going to happen and we were now looking for a place to accommodate 21 people overnight and feed everyone. Never fear, all I can say is I have never seen someone organise all of the above in 20 minutes flat! Not only did we all have more than adequate accommodation, we also had braai packs and cold beer. As if this wasnt enough, breakfast had also been organised for the next morning...
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Yearly Sidecar Convention 2014 - Amphitheatre Backpackers - Drakensberg
"Somewhere between Bergville and Geluksburg the road and landscape conspire to work its magic and as I come over a rise at a particular speed I feel the familiar old feeling that I could take off and become airborne. Seal is singing ‘I believe I can fly” in my head and this leads me to hatch the following little theory in my helmet. I’m quite a fan of CS Lewis and he is credited with writing ‘you are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul’. This train of thought then led me on to my flying philosophy that says somewhere in our soul  flying is what we do naturally and when we come over little rises our souls remember this flying business and we want to take off.
Very very long way of saying I ride for those moments amongst others things, but I do love that feeling. We were in for a morning of lots of ‘take off’ moments. Riding the Middledale Pass had me LingOL in my helmet as this little pass in the middle of nowhere is in better condition and was being graded and worked on, than the provincial road passing the Sterkfontein Dam.
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Annual Memel to Country Trax Sidecar Camping Trip - Dec 2013
"For the last 45
minutes of the riding day I had been watching this huge storm that stretched from side to side and filled the horison. Luckily we had enough time to pitch tents and get washed and ready for supper before this monster of a swirley cloudey storm thing hit us. It was awe inspiring seeing all that energy and lightning and wind up close and personal. Somehow encountering a storm in the country side as opposed to the city really does bring home the scale."
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2012 - Great Cape Road Trip III
"We found our accommodation, an old Karoo house called Zonnenstrahl. It's situated next to Frans Boekkooi, the sculptor and some people 'vannie baai' in the same street as the Brewery. The front stoep is right on the street, so one can have conversations with the pedestrian traffic. In fact it's so 'rustig' that Ry and the kids played a game of good old fashioned marbles with some small quinces from the hedge, in the middle of the street.
At the back and one side is a magnificent garden, terraced with lots of icebergs and a little fountain complete with statue. Living here was fantastic, it immediately dictated the pace. Our first day we did as little as possible.
The next day we set off on a very scenic route to go and see the Valley of Desolation. The view across the immense landscape really is spectacular and jaw dropping and quite gob smacking all at once - which would result in what, jaw smacking or gob dropping? Looking at the dolorite columns rising 120m from the valley floor far below, it is like looking at a photograph of the erosion process spanning, give or take a year or two,  200 million years!
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Historical Zululand Battlefields - 11 - 14 July 2013

"I have never personally visited the place where the Battle of Blood River had been fought. As a product of National Party Afrikaans schooling I had certainly done it every year in history, but I had never had it brought to life by standing on the spot and given information relating to the events. Riding through the landscape before we arrived also gave me a good sense of place. I don't know what I was expecting but this seemed so ordinary?! We arrived at the Museum complex and in the distance I could make out some wagons, still thought it quite ordinary. Must be very frank - by the time we had walked to where the laager of 64 cast iron wagon stood it did not feel ordinary anymore. Sometimes just for a split second, one glimpses the incredible tenacity and fearlessness that made the Boers such headstrong and wilful creatures..."
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Linz to Opatija by sidecar - July 2012
"Now we were riding solo into the unknown – no Hari to lead us on. Riding on the other side of the road requires a little bit of concentration but we managed just fine. On we rode through the magnificent Austrian country side. At Gosau we rode into a thunder storm and we kept riding through Abtenau and at Voglau we turned right into the mountains. The landscape changed and we climbed quite steeply into the mountains. The mist had rolled in and the last leg of our journey was done in a white haze. After a surreal electric gate in the middle of nowhere and somebody actually being on the other side when one asks for assistance we stop at Zur Blonde Hutte. Being from deep dark Africa where we left winter and short days, we kind of lost track of time and was surprised to find that it was well after eight when we arrived. We got quite a stern warning about not making noise in case we wake the baby (who turned out to be a toddler that we never really saw or heard) and not taking our boots up to the rooms under any circumstances - we were given a simple but excellent supper
Peter runs the entire show – cooks cleans etc etc. Staying in what is one of those picture perfect Austrian ski chalets it felt more like living in a piece of furniture, a big wooden wardrobe in the middle of Heidiland, as opposed to a house. We were absolutely knackered and after our supper were all asleep in no time.
Being woken in the morning by the bells of many cows in the green hills outside was just indescribable. Heidi, Heidi  where are you??!!! It really was fantastic. Our Peter even served breakfast in his leder hosen!..."
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To Hell and Back via 'Moer Toe' with splendid passes in between
"The itinerary for this trip read like a sidecar rider’s idea of heaven – just listen to this: we leave Nieu Bethesda for Prince Albert, crossing the great nothing to get there, then it’s on to the Swartberg Pass, a little side excursion into Die Hel or Gamkaskloof, back to Swartberg and down into Oudshoorn. From there it’s down the Montagu Pass, and on to Brenton-on-Sea. After Brenton we ride through the Gouna Forest and then it’s Prince Alfred and into Baviaans. Half way through we sleep at Makkedaat (little cave houses) and then it’s the mighty Baviaans. With Baviaans done and dusted we ride the Cockscomb or Grootrivierpoort road from Patensie to Steytlervile and back to Nieu- Bethesda. So now that I’m so excited I’m breathless just reading where we’re going, I just want to run and kit up!..."

"...Now picture this – we are all congregated in the BAR/KROEG, fresh as daisies having our drink before we go in to have supper in the hotel dining room. Ryno asks one of the local patrons what the road condition is like and whether he thinks it could be done by us. This is after he spoke to the hotel owner who was quite non-committal. I now quote verbatim: ‘die pad is moer toe, ek kon dit nie eers met MY bakkie ry nie!’ Loose translation, the road is shot to hell and he couldn’t even drive this road with HIS bakkie. I don’t know what he drives but judging by the way he emphasized ‘his’ bakkie I take it it’s quite a meneer of a bakkie. This of course then provided all the clarity we needed. If no bakkie could go there it would be perfect for the sidecars!..."

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Yearly Sidecar Convention Parys - Vredefort Dome 2013
"After loads of berry juice we set off to the Motorbike Museum in Deneysville. We spent a good two hours browsing all the old motorbikes and photographs, what a magnificent place. Once again we had a scrumptious meal and then trotted on to the Vaaldam wall for our guided tour. We had an amazing experience, walking on ... and inside the wall. After being inside the wall we lacked oxygen and quickly got onto our Russian steeds to feel fresh air in our faces..."
"... Saturday morning we filled up in Parys and I met a dog who told me he’d rather be in a sidecar – this after he’d been watching us carefully from the back of a Mercedes Benz nogal! You can ask Raymond, I saw him speak to the dog as well. First stop was at Oom Louwtjie’s house. In a million years left to my own devices I would never have thought to collect spark plugs! Well at Oom Louwtjie and Tannie Susan’s we were treated to the biggest spark plug collection in the world – this is official, it is in the Guinness World Book of records! Spark plugs weren’t the only objects Oom Louwtjie liked collecting. It was obvious that collecting was not so much a choice as an expression and he had found the ultimate partner in Tannie Susan who loved displaying and showing off everything. It really touched my heart when she said that instead of all the stuff driving her crazy it was just fine because it made him happy..."

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2013 Austria Ural Winter Ride
by Alpha Greeff
"....This was also a good time to take photos of the South Africans in the snow! So it did not take much encouragement to get Ryno to drive into a pile of snow. The funny thing is Ry thought he was going to drive over it and ended up just stuck in it! Snow is nothing like sand! No worries, in no time a Ural had rushed to his rescue and he was towed out no problem. Not sure who enjoyed that one most – Hari whose idea it was, Ryno who executed the getting stuck or the rider who pulled him out?...

"...Something we really aren’t accustomed to is the time it takes to take off one’s outer layer of clothing and finding spaces to hang wet stuff. The inside of the tavern was so cosy that I could happily have gone right to sleep after the mammoth schnitzel I had for lunch. Everywhere I looked people were chatting and laughing and the word that came to mind was ‘gemutlichkeit’! And would you believe while we were all inside being ‘gemutlich’ it started snowing outside!
The rain had stopped and driving back through the woods was just wonderful..."
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Chrissiesmeer, Kaapsehoop, Dullstroom - 1st Time Trippers Ride
by Alpha Greeff
"....The weather did the rest of the damping – it started bucketing. The last of the riders finally rode in just before the worst of the heavy rain. Like magic the said wild horses appeared in the mist like real ghosts – what a treat! Well the rain carried on much of the night and Saturday morning didn’t dawn – it just drizzled and poured.
What a shocker! Between Bethal and Breyten Ry and Ems and Vlad came to a very muddy standstill. Of course this is met with huge excitement by everyone and a friendly farmer could not help himself – he just had to help.  The long and the short of it was that Ryno was riding in the front and we were all riding on a recently graded dirt road and having graded the mud it made it impossible to judge how deep or not it was. Personally I was real glad it wasn’t us. Lola loathes mud as it is usually a stinky sticky business. Of course it was a brilliant opportunity for the riders on the Gear-Ups to take out the spades!
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The Cradock to Cradock All Sexes Ride
by Ryno Greeff
"....As we got further into the Baviaanskloof we started asking about the water level at river crossings and got various different opinions.
But never fear! We had James, our super trusty back up driver with bakkie and trailer, near! Man did this turn out to be good entertainment! 9 sidecars altogether which meant 18 crossings for James, 9 of those backwards into water not always being able to see the trailer he is pushing along! Bravo James – this took almost an hour and was repeated another 2 times before the end of the day – all with the cool and calm exterior of the back-up driver never changing!
The next water crossing was just too deep to do comfortably and instead of running the risk of drowning an Ural, we got real clever and switched off all engines and tied them together like ducks in a row behind the bakkie. James towed 2 groups of ducks like this and of course there was much excitement and laughing.
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The Great Cape Road Trip II
December 2011

by Alpha Greeff
"....Once we had settled into the sheer drops on the sides (sometimes both sides at once), the lightning rumbling through the valleys and the washed away road surface it actually became exhilarating. What a fantastic thing a Ural sidecar is – with the benefit of a sidecar brake and Ry’s line to follow or not we made it safely to where we were rewarded with agapanthus and arum lilies growing wild and we could stop for a well deserved breather. Not too long after our drink and breathe again stop, the weather forced us to wrestle into our rain suits. We rode into curtains of rain and lightning forking over the eastern Cape hills.
Seymour came and went looking like its soul along with its character and everything else in the little dorp had been stolen leaving a sad little shell. This is rural Eastern Cape and I’m sure many of the people we passed had never seen a sidecar before. We were mostly met with waves, but this was no longer the friendly Karoo. In this part of the world we passed many abandoned, empty homesteads of a bygone era when these places must have been beautiful and inspiring. This got to me and I often wondered what happened to the families, why was no-one wanting to continue living and working here?..." Click here to read full report


Geluksburg, Memel & Country Trax
by Alpha Greeff
We then had a fuel stop in Montrose and from there headed to Collings Pass which we would be riding backwards this trip – no, not in reverse, riding it from the other direction! On our last journey we got to the opposite side of the Wilge Spruit and the spruit looked more like a pan with the result that we had to turn around and change our route. Not this time! We drove through and past and came to a good spot to have lunch – actually one of the sidecars needed a new rear brake spring so the rest of us couldn’t wait to unpack our padkos again! A very friendly local man and his horse and his 6 dogs came for a chat and waved goodbye again and not long after we were getting ready to ride Collings Pass down and then on to the biggie for the day – Normandien. Click here to read full report

The Garden Route
by Frand Naude
We spent 2 days in Clarens and Golden Gate, after which we joined the Sidecar Convention at Clocolan. On the Sunday morning, we left for Queenstown on the worst road in SA between Wepener and Zastron. The next day we went to Hogsback, where we spent one night before going down to East London.
From East London, we drove along the coast over a period of 10 days to Somerset West, where we stayed for 3 nights and drove around the Cape Peninsula and Chapman's Peak (which was the highlight of the tour) as well as Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Villiersdorp and Grabouw. We left Somerset West and went through Wellington and Ceres to Beaufort West and via Kimberley back home.  Click here to read full report

Sidecar Convention 2012 - Modderpoort, Clocolan
by Alpha Greeff
We then got to ride round the arena a few times and parked our beautiful sidecars in a long row for everyone else to admire – we also did some admiring. Interested ‘feesgangers’ got taken for a whirl by our more enthusiastic riders.
I saw my first real ’smiley’ – with its little sheeps teeth! I watched as the man did a roaring trade in sheeps heads - all golden and crispy, that he sold off his Weber at 60 bucks (or is that sheep?) a head. Must confess if I was less of a stadsjapie I might have bought one, it smelled fantastic. Then I could have a monkey and a skaapkop in the sidecar! Also watched some real Volkspele, this place really has a bit of everything. Click here to read full report
Waterberg Weekend - November 2011
by Alpha Greeff
...To get to our cottages we took the Melkrivier road out of Vaalwater, turning at the 24 Rivers until we got to a sign that said Charles Baber’s Bonsmara Stud and Waterberg Cottages. The road got progressively more 2- track and sandy until we passed through a gate into another world. The one moment we are travelling through real Bosveld terrain and the next we’ve entered a spectacular English Country garden, magnificently beautiful. It is one of those colonial gems that have been loved and tended to for longer than one generation. What joy! The oldest part of the homestead dates back to 1929 to give you an idea.
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Diary of a Namibian sidecar ride - Sept 2011
by Ryno Greeff
...After lunch at the Kunene River Lodge, we took the road all along the Kunene river towards Ruacana. What a great experience to travel this piece of road with our sidecars. We had a real blast as it was a mixture of stone, sand, puddle/river crossings and even a mountain pass toward the end which was badly eroded in places. Lots of breaking, leaning and throttling had to be used in the right doses to transverse this road which was absolutely perfect for our sidecars. The 2 wheelers also had a blast on this section of road...

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Zen and a Sparkplug Spanner
by Greg and Louise Wheeler
The day of the 4x4 challenge dawned upon us with a beautiful surprise, this time Malcolm spoilt us to the old “Coachman’s road”. Let’s say that this is for the more adventurous amongst us, however I think with a name like “Wheeler” we qualify at birth (or marriage), especially when halfway down Greg suddenly yells “we have no front brakes”! Obviously I hit panic stations and tried to McGuyver an anchor out of 6 used tissues, lipstick, 3 Fishermans Friends and a handbag strap. This did not work and I invoked the ancient and forrgotten sidekar monkey art of “Deja Fu”. It’s quite easy, you concentrate really hard, feeling that you have been here before and scream “FU**”. Eventually Greg couldn’t keep the giggles any longer and told me that he was kidding. This did not help, as he was laughing so hard he could not see where he (and by extension we) were going
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Impi Warrior Strikes in and around the Berg
by Greg and Louise Wheeler
Eventually we found the entrance to the Kop. These days you need to duck for cows rather than bullets and I suppose cow dung smells a bit better than it would’ve in 1900. Spion Kop has breathtaking views and on a clear day you should be able to see straight into heaven… I definitely want to build my retirement home here. I’ll spoil the ghosts of the English soldiers with some gin and tonic, because this place must be haunted.

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Raiding Wartrail with Ural - Rallye Raid 2011
by Alpha Greeff
Try -5 degrees as a welcome and a reality check at the same time. That was the temperature on the first morning of the Raid as everybody emerged from their tents. Wide eyed and covered in icicles we all surveyed our world. 
Nothing warms one up like an anticipated ride in spectacular country side on twisty little country roads. That was what awaited the Route 3 or Green Route riders.
So when we had to kick start our little Russian steeds on the first morning, in the cold – this was a special Ural challenge from our intrepid leader for the Ural riders only (normally we would use the happy button to start the engine), it was with huge excitement that we set out on the first day’s 197kms. click here to read full report


Sidecar Riding in the southern Drakensberg - April 2011
by Alpha Greeff
"Driving from Underberg to Himeville was a very eerie experience. This dark Stephen King business of a storm was moving across the landscape like the big nothing – draining the landscape of all colour and light as it came over. I glanced back once and saw this fat short lightning strike that just made me ride faster. At this stage the sound track in my head was Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ – nice and dramatic and ominous. (This is the music that played when the choppers are flying over Vietnam in that movie that was loosely based on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness – I think?).  The interesting part came when we had to turn left onto the dirt road to Sani Pass as our hotel is about 12kms down the road. Now we were travelling at a right angle to the storm and I could watch it out the corner of my eye in all its frightening splendour. This did not last long before the first wall of rain hit us. I made the mistake of opening my visor to see better and almost drowned." click here to read full report


Yearly Sidecar Convention 4 - 6 March 2011
by Alpha Greeff
"We arrived just about perfectly on schedule in Clocolan where the sidecars featured on the Show agenda. At 12h30 the sidecars took to the arena and after some flying the car and waving, adventurous members of the public were monkeyed around as well. Grant had a real race with a huge John Deere tractor"..

..."Our next event involved jousting a toilet roll with a mop handle! The rider was not allowed to use his clutch while the knight/monkey had to collect toilet rolls with a mop from strategically placed positions. This caused much laughter and Alpha almost lost her little monkey Klara, who luckily fell into the sidecar while Salome was not so lucky. Her rider got a good whack with the mop handle!!"...
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Memel to Koppies Camping Trip - 16 - 19 December 2010
by Alpha Greeff
"Do you have any idea what it does to you when you wake up on the morning of your much anticipated camping trip to drumming rain? Yes, drumming rain!  Picture this – the night before the Weather Service had issued warnings for heavy rain in the particular area that we were heading for. They had actually said, from Newcastle to Soweto. So in the light of us travelling from Joburg to Memel, our first stop, we weren’t exactly going to escape the heavy rain? But hey you know what it’s like – the Weather Bureau gets it wrong from time to time? Surely it couldn’t be that bad?  At 4h30 on the morning of the 16th it was actually that bad and worse..."

"...Once the nerves settled and the water started dripping down into places you didn’t know could get wet in your rain suit and your gloves were soaked enough not to be upset about it anymore, riding in the rain takes on its own kind of charm. The air is wonderful, no smelling horrible exhaust fumes, dry dusty tarmac getting up your nose – none of that! One also figures out the perfect angle to hold your helmet for most effective rain drop blow-off! One quickly learns to hold your feet at such an angle that the water runs down and not into your boots. All in all a fabulous learning curve and one burns up some extra calories staying warm-eish to boot. Riding your sidecar is an incredibly enriching experience in all weather conditions!..." click here to read full report

Radium Beer Hall - October 2010
by Sidecar Sally
On Sunday, 10 October we decided to do things differently for a change.  We left our usual country roads behind and headed for the big city!
7 Sidecars got together at the Dunkeld West Shopping Centre in Dunkeld.  We were joined by Greg on his 2-wheeler and Duncan Cramer popped in to say hi.

It was wonderful to see all the regulars happily Riding Along Louis Botha Avenue towards The Radium Beer Hall in Orange Grove.  Ryno, Alpha, Zeta, Jacquie, Noel, Grant, James, Ray, Bron, Oom Ken and Erhard and Rosie on Snow White.  Louise and Greg joined us later.  Good company and good food ... as usual.  We were thoroughly entertained by the Big Brass Jazz Band!

Sani Pass - September 2010
by Ryno Greeff
"Never have more than two beers because up to two your sanity prevails. So it was that after more than two we decided to plan a trip to Sani Pass in Lesotho with our Ural sidecars. We got a lot of interest and ended up being nine rigs in all. The arrangements were made, accommodation booked and so the weekend arrived. We all met in Nottingham Road outside the Notties hotel and set off to Himeville along the lower Loteni dirt road to Himeville..."

"...Four of the rigs made it to the top and two of them complete with monkeys. The one with no clutch was one of them after the determined rider figured out that you can put the rig in 1st gear and using the starter motor you can get going again, he completed the entire trip like this..."

No Rules 100 mile Sidecar Run
by Ryno Greeff
"Every year the “No Rules” motorcycle club has a 100 mile sidecar run from their clubhouse in Brits to Sun City and back. So it was that we set off at 5 in the morning to the clubhouse as the run officially starts at 6 am. Upon arrival we attended the riders briefing and our rigs were scrutinised by the officials with torches in hand as it was not properly light yet.

We set off just after 6 am and headed for Sun City. There is no better feeling than riding your rig early morning with the sun rising on your back with the fresh air and wind blowing through your hair.

Off-Road Ride Along - African Swiss Restaurant
by Ryno Greeff
"...More dirt roads and country tracks through a beautiful area called Doornrandjies and then on to the "Gauntlet" - the name "The Gauntlet" is derived from a Geocache hidden there which challenges you to cross the river over the low level bridge when the water level allows.
We stopped, assessed the water level and discussed some strategies. The challenge to this water crossing is that a section of the bridge in the middle of the crossing has been washed away by the river and this poses quite a surprise when you arrive there surrounded by a fast flowing river..."

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Ride Along - Plumari Game Reserve
by Alpha Greeff
"On Sunday morning , 8 August, the usual suspects, Ryno with Humfree and Alpha with Lola, Jacquie and Jenna in Katarina and Noel on his 2 wheeler, Ken Dalglish on his BMW, Richard with Paisley, Grant without Aidan ( who had to study), Erhard and Rosie riding sweep in the car, Ray Eckstein and Marcelle and their 2 wheeler friend, Greg Gibb, set off to Plumari for our monthly RideAlong. We also had 2 special monkeys join us – our very own Zeta and her husband Arno."
Sunday Sidecar Ride
by Ken Dalglish
"A Breakfast ride organised by the Ural agents (Ryno Greeff) to meet at Hennops River. Ryno and Alpha live there, and the Ural showroom, workshop etc is there.
I left soon after seven past Diepsloot, with lots of cooking smoke and the sun at about 2 o’clock, and darned cold. I got there in plenty of time, in fact first. I suppose there were about nine or ten bikes and only one BMW. The Ural people have formed quite a community, it is great."

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Ride Along - Hornbill Lodge
by Alpha Greeff
"On Sunday morning, 11 July 2010, we got together at the Blue Shop as per usual on the second Sunday of the month for our monthly RideAlong.... When one comes around a corner the one thing you don’t expect to see filling the road is a hot air balloon! Well there it was, huge and colourful and right across the road! Very very exciting!" ...
1000 Bike Show
by Alpha Greeff
On Sunday, 4 July a few sidecars decided to check out the 1000 Bike Show at Germiston High School.
  We were 4 sidecars and one 2 wheeler heading out towards Rand Airport’s Harvard Café for breakfast with Ray Eckstein and wife Bronwyn. Driving on our World Cup roads was great and in no time we pulled in at the Harvard Café where we met up with Paul and Ray and Bronwyn.

The Winter Waterberg Trip
June 2010

by Alpha Greeff
Saturday morning dawned crisp end beautiful. Chilly to start but once the sun had opened its eyes properly it was perfect riding weather. Wynand was leading the ride and after a very civilised bacon and egg breakfast, we were off on the sidecars. Everybody had a wonderful time Good roads with just enough sand to keep the heart pumping. 

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The Great Cape Road Trip
December 2009

by Alpha Greeff
"....The weather had changed significantly. The night before the wind had picked up and it got overcast. What fabulous weather on the way out – cool with a slight chill even. I couldn’t believe our luck. There is no better travelling weather for the sidecars. Today was also a biggie for us as we were travelling down to Knysna via the Prince Alfred Pass..."

The weather looked really ominous as we stopped at the top, but the threat never materialized and we had a fantastic drive down.

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Ride Along May 2010

On Sunday, 10 May, sidecar enthusiasts travelled to the Cradle Auto Estate.  We had a request from Phyllis Woolf to Ride Along.  Phyllis has had Cerebral Palsy since birth and decided to spoil herself for her 61st birthday. 
What an inspirational lady!!  Phyllis has travelled extensively to her family in the USA, swam with dolphins in Mozambique, canoupy toured in the Tsetzikama Forest, micro-lighted, rode elephants in Zambia and much much more.
We feel honoured to have made one more dream come true.
Thank you to everybody who joined in - we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Contact us if you would like to
... 'RIDE ALONG' ...

Phyllis 'riding along' with Alpha

Ride Along April 2010

On Sunday, 11 April, 18 sidecar enthusiasts joined the Ride Along to Van Gaalen Cheese Farm in the Hekpoort area.

The ride was led by Wynand and Hannelie Rood and the following people joined in:
Charles & Retha Ellis on a Suzuki;
Leroy & Joey Venter on a CJ;
Johann, Monique & Bonita on a CJ;
Erhard & Rosi Langanke on BMW Snowhite
Jacquie & Jenna Pastor on a Ural Tourist;
Noel Pastor on a 2 wheeler;
Grant & Aidan Pitt on a Ural;
Dieter & BiBi Kallenbach joined at Van Gaalen.

Van Gaalen Cheese Farm

Ride Along March 2010

The 1st Sidecar Africa Ride Along was
held on Sunday, 15 March 2010. 
We would like to thank the following
sidecar enthusiasts who joined in: 
Ryno, Alpha, Emma & Klara Greeff,
Jacquie & Jenna Pastor,
Johann & Bonnie van Rensburg,
Nick & Claudie Smit and
Erhard & Rosi Langanke who joined
along the way with Snow White ...
winner of the most good-looking
sidecar category at the yearly convention!

A suggestion was made that the next
Ride Along be to the Van Gaalens
Cheese Farm. 
Let us know what you think and whether
you would like to
... "RIDE ALONG" ...

On the way to The Cradle Auto Estate

Snow White

Yearly Sidecar Convention 2010 - Graskop

The annual Sidecar Convention was held in Graskop from 5 - 7 March 2010.
A wonderful time was had by all.  A huge thank you goes out to Giel and Linda van Niekerk for an event well organized.